Web Design Perth

We provide web design services in the Perth area. We specialise in e-commerce, business systems and mobile web applications.

Code Drop build modern and unique websites that are crafted with care

Modern Design
Make sure you put the best foot forward for your organisation with a modern and fresh design.
Search Engine Friendly
All our projects have basic SEO features built in as standard. Keep up with the competition in search.
Content Management System
Manage all of the content on your website yourself with an intuitive content management experience.
Mobile Friendly
Give your mobile users the best browsing experience with a responsive website.

Modern Website Design

When it comes to building a new website, your brand deserves a modern and clean design. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality and clean website designs that will stand out from the competition and build trust with your customers.

Open Source Content Management Systems

The software that allows you to change content on your website is called a "Content Management System" or a "CMS". This allows you to easily change all of the content on your website without the help of a developer.

We use Drupal, which is an Open Source and free content management system with no vendor lock in. You will own your entire website and not be locked into a single development agency or hosting provider.

Responsive Website Design

Websites are consumed on a variety of devices, they need to be visually and functionally accessible and a wide range of screen sizes. Responsive design aims to solve this requirement by adjusting the design of your website depending on the size of the screen it is being consumed on.

The result? A clean and intuitive browsing experience on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Selling Online?

Are you looking to sell products online? We love e-commerce and understand the logistical challenges that come with running an online store. We use a powerful and flexible e-commerce framework to deliver powerful and cost effective e-commerce solutions that will scale with your business.

Code Drop provide a number of e-commerce related services;

  • Point of Sale integrations
  • Payment gateway integration with the big four banks and popular gateways like eWAY and PayPal.
  • Advanced shipping rules and external shipping provider integration such as Shipwire and eParcel.
  • Configuring sales funnels, conversion tracking and split testing to continuously improve your sales.

Case Study: Airport Security Parking

We recently refreshed the design and functionality for Airport Security Parking, a parking provider at the Perth airport. As part of this process we maintained and improved a booking system with several complex e-commerce features such as; partial payments, repeating orders, dynamic checkout, user membership and credits.

The current system is using Drupal processes a large volume of transactions. Stability of the application was a key consideration during development.

Design Refresh

The existing design of the website was a few years old and has been refreshed to bring it up to modern web design standards, while also being redeveloped to be mobile and tablet friendly.

Project Outcome

The website remains an asset to the business and has quickly consumed more than 50% of their gross transactions.

"The Airport Security Parking project was a great opportunity to develop a complex online booking system"
Ben Dougherty
"Airport Security Parking was a great opportunity to design a modern and intuitive booking system."
Alex Kreleski
Web Designer